Roof cleaning

Roof Cleaning

A common issue among roof tiles is that over time they become covered in Moss, Algae and debris due to years of weathering which has the potential to damage your tiles and gutters.  We can completely rejuvenate and improve your property’s roof, ridding it of debris and helping to fight further build-ups of Moss and Algae. We offer a variety of roof cleaning services, with a package to suit your home’s needs and your budget. 

Techniques Used, 

  • Low Pressure Cleaning – pressure washing is a safe and effective method for the removal of moss, algae and other debris from your roof. We use special roof cleaning equipment to make use of a constant flow of swirling water, which can return your tiles to their original colour giving your home a look of a new roof. Adding the finishing touches by applying an antifungal treatment to prolong the return of any moss and algae.   
  • Soft Washing – a cleaning method that cleans and sanitises your roof. Once we have finished cleaning, using our soft wash equipment, we will treat your property’s roof with an antifungal treatment to help prevent further build ups of debris.
  • Manual Roof Cleaning – roofs are manually scraped by hand to remove the dirt, moss and debris from your home’s roof. we ensure the area is free of dirt and grime before applying the antifungal treatment. 

Our cleaning methods will visually improve your home but more importantly prolong the life of your roof. 

Although moss and algae do not directly damage the roof tiles, they do create quicker degradation of the roof itself as they absorb moisture which can penetrate to the undersurface. 

Additionally excessive moss growth on roofs will eventually lead to overflowing gutters from blockages (this can lead to internal dampness).  

As part of our cleaning packages, we ensure all gutters are clear and run freely before we leave. 

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